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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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richmond police have arrested the man they believe shot a 10-year-old boy three weeks ago. the boy is recovering. christian chapelle was taken into custody in pittsburgh. reggie kumar joins us now. >> reporter: richmond police say christian chapelle unintentionally shot arturo franco. he was aiming for a guy driving a car. the younger victim had just left his school and was walking home with his
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mother and sibling when is chapelle started shooting. arturo and his family were just steps away from their home when the boy was hit. investigators were able to locate and arrest the alleged gunman through tips they received from the community. >> we had some call-ins from citizens in the area that provided his name, and our detectives did followup, and that's how they were able to identify him and locate him. he's on probation for previous weapons charges. at the time of his arrest, he had had an outstanding arrest warrant. >> reporter: authorities say chapelle is not cooperating with the investigation. >> there's no information indicating that it was any gang violent. we're still working on the investigation, trying to get as much info from the public and anybody else who might have some information as to who this person was that he was shooting at. >> reporter: a $10,000 reward was being offered in this case. the citizen who gave them the most information about chapelle's whereabouts could get
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the money. the rights of suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to testify. eliana lopez is back from vanes, uelvars venn swellaue-- mayor ed lee says it constitutes official misconduct and mirkarimi should be removed from office. wesley shermantine and loren herzog went on a meth-induced killing spree in the '80s and '90s. jr stone has details about a possible new grave site. >> reporter: this location is
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known for offroading and outdoor toifrts like hunting -- activities like hunting, now in the spotlight for a series of human crimes. an uncovered human mass grave. >> he discuss today with me on the phone a couple times. restroom he is making reference errors -- >> reporter: he is making reference to his conversations with wesley shermantine. notes from him have uncovered human remains in san joaquin county. he says as many as 14 more could be found near the mountain. >> assuming shermantine is being straight with me. >> reporter: tuesday, a bill was signed into law that allows shermantine to be transported to grave sites to uncover remains. this is at least one of half a dozen that could be searched.
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>> one for sure in calaveras, and i believe one in san joaquin. >> as to when the searches will happen, authorities are not saying, and the bounty hunter says the searches will be secret. all of them have to happen within the next six months. that new law signed by the governor is considered a good move by victims' rights groups, despite the fact it will give shermantine a rare chance to be outside the walls of prison. jeff bush got reaction from advocates. >> reporter: the governor's signature paves the way for a convicted killer and death row inmate to leave prison to help out with the search for the bodies of his victims. >> i think that it's a wonderful thing that they're
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doing. i certainly don't advocate letting death row inmarpts out of -- inmates out of prison. but i think this is an exception. there are as many as 72ed withes out there -- -- 72 bodies out there. >> reporter: what about the notion that this will give a convicted serial killer the chance to see the sunshine and breathe fresh air outside the walls of san kept -- quentin. >> he is expected to be executed. this isn't about allowing him out into the sunshine. the real benefit is bringing some sense of finality to the families of the missing persons. >> reporter: providing a sense of closure to the victims' families is important. >> they're holding onto a thread of hope, but they need to know with finality what happened to their relatives. and this could very well bring them that finality. and if it does do that for any of these cases,
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this will have been a few minutes of sunshine that will be well worth the effort. tomorrows were certainly cool out there -- temperatures were certainly cool out there today. in the 60s close to the coastline. in the north bay, cloudy conditions through much of the day, even drizzle through the afternoon. in the inland valley locations, temperatures in the 70s. we're going to start to warms we head into the next -- as we head into the next several days. fog on the coastline and in the bay shores. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine pretty much everywhere. a little bit warmer , and that trend will continue through the weekend as well. when it comes to west nile, there's a new hazard. the wooden covering placed over desserted swimming pools -- deserted swimming pools.
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>> reporter: these covers which are being used by banks on foreclosed homes they own like this one are a new safety measure. but officials are saying that this new safety emotional has been putting public health at risk. green algae and mosquito filled pools have been an issue for years in the fight against the spread of west nile. now there's a new challenge for control districts, heavy wooden plastic covers are popping up at more and more houses like this one in pleasant hill. it's called pool boarding. the mosquito district says their issue is they're too heavy to move, so the crews can't get to the water to treat it. also, the plastic on the covers works as a greenhouse, heating up the water. you can see the condensation on the cover creating an even bigger breeding ground for the mosquitos. they are not airtight, so the control
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district says they create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. and just one untreated pool can create a million mosquitos people within a 5-mile radius. west nile has been a serious problem in contra costa. in 2006, two people died from the virus. reporting live in pleasant hill, kate tompson, kron 4 news. >> we'll have details on the robbers fire, and rattlesnake attacks are on the rise. >> later in this broadcast, the red-hot as try to roll up their sleeves and do in the texas rangers. the giants, doing their business in atlanta.
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an update on the wildfire near colfax. it's burned more than 2,600 akers and destroyed one home. it is now 60% contained. nearly 2,000 firefighters are on the scene. evacuations are still in place with about 170 homes threatened. many evacuees will be back tomorrow morning. a logging company is going to pay the government the largest settlement in u.s. history because of the moonlight fire in 2007. it burned sixty-five thousand acres. the ruling today found the sierra pacific logging company did not take proper precautions during a red-flag warning day. a bulldozer sparked the fire. sierra pacific will have to pay $55 million and hand out 22,005
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acres of land. the forest service will turn that land into parks and wildlife reserves. >> rather cool weather out there today. but warmer weather is on the horizon. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪
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antioch detectives are looking for a second suspect they say impersonated an officer in late may.
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two men posing as officers with a search warrant entering a home. he is facing charges including burglary and attempt happened auto theft. san francisco police now asking for public help in tracking down a killer. police say he shot a 26-year-old man who was walking home from the balboa bart station. kron4's dan kerman has new details. >> reporter: san francisco police say they believe the man in this sketch is responsible for shooting and killing a 26-year-old san francisco man nearly three weeks ago. he had just left the balboa bart station when he was chased and shot execution style at mt. vernon and house. >> the motive for the homicide is either a mistaken identity on the victim's side or a possible robbery. >> reporter: police say the
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suspect who is described a 16-25-year-old african american male, 6 feet tall, carrying a semiautomatic weapon. >> behind that was another dark suv tailing the vehicle. it was be another suspect. >> reporter: for the family, the mourning continues. >> i have a deep sorrow. and i go to the place where he was injured, killed, so it's still a very painful process. >> reporter: his mother says her son came to this country from ethiopia at the age of 10, got his citizenship, was attending city college, and was just a day away from attending a soccer tournament in washington dc. >> i want the killer to be found and i want justice.
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>> reporter: police are hopeful, and the family is confident somebody saw something at this intersection. the family knows it won't bring him back, but they say an arrest will give the family some needed closure. temperatures remained cool out there tonight. we're only in the low 50s close to the coastline. away from the coastline, temperatures dropping into the 50s too. fog returning to the coastline in the morning hours. fog and drizzle tomorrow morning. fog again thursday, but temperatures are going to warm slightly over the next few days as the fog becomes less extensive. fairly widespread fog out this tomorrow morning. patchy, chose to the coastline -- close to the coastline. by the 10:00 hour, fog is scaling back. and then additional clearing in the afternoon.
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temperatures are going to warm slightly tomorrow, back into the low 70s in the inland -- or excuse me, upper 70s in the south bay location. we'll be in the 70s in the inland valleys. 79 in pleasanton, 60s for the east bay shores with the exception of 71 in union city. 60s close to the coastline. afternoon sunshine coastside again, and in the north bay, a lot more sunshine than today, temperatures back into the 70s as a result. your extended forecast, fog tomorrow and the next day, but it's going to start to get less extensive, and temperatures are going to warm as warmer air builds over the bay area. this means temperatures back in the 90s in the inland valleys through the weekend, and upper 70s for the bay shores. rattlesnake bitesor the rise in santa clara -- bites are on the rise in santa clara.
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visitors to parks and open areas are being urged to be on guard. three of them happened here in south san jose. with no predators, the snake population is growing, and the dry weather means they're moving around more to find food and water. >> we have trail watcher who is have reported as many as 18 seen on a trail just from the bottom of santa theresa all the way to the summit at the top. that's a lot. >> if you're outdoor, you should be cognizant of snakes and bites, whether you're in a community park, in a baseball field, or hiking in the mountains. we don't want people to be panicked, but we want people to take reasonable preventative measures. >> rangers say rattlers like this one will often stretch out and sun themselves on trails, and this is happening not just
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in santa clara. rattlesnake bites are up dramatically across california. buster posey has a big night as the giants clobber the braves. gary has the highlights straight ahead. and the red-hot as see how they stack up against the first-place rangers.
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it didn't happen for the as tonight at the coliseum. riding high, oakland fans said, hey, this is a week 2 with texas, then the yankees will be here. and maybe we can really show. we've got something this year. but cologne gave up a home run to beltre, and the texas rangers are really good. reddick hit his 17th home run. but the solo job was all oakland with tally. how about josh hamilton? his 28th home run of the year. and that's it. 6-1 rangers. it's a quick two-game series. they'll wrap it up tomorrow, 12:35. giants open their road trip in a big way. atlanta's turner field, stop no. 1, then they move on to philadelphia.
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buster posey to left field, and the giants had a two nothing lead. zito, sevens, 3 hits, did not allow a run. zito was up 9-0. everybody's coming home, posey 3-5,. dodgers lose. of giants lead three games. melky cabrera was acquired by kansas city for jonathan sanchez. they released sanchez today. 1 win, 6 losses, the worst earned run average in baseball. again, the giants acquired the all-star game mvp in exchange for this fella. so jonathan sanchez looking for a new team. he threw a no-hitter for the giants. now he's out of work.
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jeremy lin, a houston rocket. we've been talking about this for a week. the knicks did not step up and match the three-year $25 million offer sheet which houston gave jeremy lin. the reason? last year of the contract is almost $15 million. had they decided to bring him back, the knicks would have had to 53 an extra $43 million, a luxury tax. as good as lin is, he's not that good. tiger woods had a disappointing certainly for him u.s. open in san francisco. now he's going to try the british open, going through his paces today. woods has not won a major championship since the u.s. open in 2008. nicholas's record is 18. tiger wants to get no. 15. it's been a rough go. >> in a couple year stretch there, wasn't a whole lot of fun. i missed i think four majors there just because i was
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injured. i figure if i'm healthy then i can prepare properly for major championships, and i can get myself there. >> really from a media standpoint, tiger woods says very little. but whenever he speak, everybody has the microphone. he's been interviewed since he was what? 3 years old. so he knows the media is not his friend. and doesn't have to. >> and people are, you know, rushing to hear what he's going to say. no, he doesn't give away anything. the statue of joe paterno, well, people want it out of there. and their efforts took to the sky today. there's a banner over the campus that says steak the statue down -- take the statue down or we will -- no official word. next week they will make a decision one way or another. pretty hard. can you imagine?
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there'd be a riot to get that thing off, you know? >> apparently students are protesting and gathering around the statue.
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